Gary On

The Issues

Promote Economic Prosperity

People are concerned as they watch record gas and food prices stretch their monthly household budget.  Our economy has experienced a shutdown, an unprecedented influx of federal spending, and reduction in our energy supply, all in just a few short years. These turbulent and unprecedented times require knowledgeable and proactive leadership to steward this economy back to prosperity. After managing complex financial accounts for forty years and learning how to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars for Scott County over the last 25 years, I am uniquely qualified to understand budgets and complex factors that impact the economy.

Now, possibly more than ever, it is important that every policy coming from the MN Legislature supports families and small businesses and we can do this by:

  • Reducing the tax burden
  • Reducing unnecessary regulations that hinder economic growth
  • Reducing wasteful spending

Make Minnesota Safe Again

Now is the time to Make Minnesota Safe Again. Whether you live in rural Minnesota, a suburb, or in the heart of the Twin Cities, you should be able to rest easy that your family and belongings are safe. Defunding the police didn’t work and will never work because we need good laws AND we need good people in our police forces across Minnesota to enforce those laws.

Further, we need a criminal justice system that holds people accountable and provides justice for victims as well as redemption for offenders. It is time to stop playing politics with the safety of Minnesotans and get to work addressing things like juvenile crime, mental health, and addiction to identify the root causes of criminal activity and put forth real solutions to solve our public safety problem. We must put an end to the revolving door of lawlessness in Minnesota.

Equip Kids for Success

All children deserve a safe and high-quality education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success. Public education should focus on providing core academic skills, such as reading and math, and emphasize things like teamwork and hard work. Many parents are concerned that public schools are increasingly shifting focus from academic excellence to social activism. After years of special interest groups calling the shots, parents have found their voice and are looking to get back in the driver’s seat of their child’s education. To be clear, I support public education, but I believe that parents know what is best for their kids, and I will always stand behind parents and students over special interests and politics. Our kids deserve better, and I know we can do better for all kids in Minnesota’s schools.

Ensure Fair and Safe Elections in Minnesota

Citizens eligible to vote in Minnesota should have one vote and that vote should be counted once, with elections happening on one day. And while the issue is seemingly straightforward, securing a fair and honest election has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Concerns about fair and accurate media coverage, money from 3rd parties interfering with the election process, and mail-in voting should concern us all, as fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. This should not be a partisan issue and I believe we can work together to ensure our elections don’t favor any one political party. Few issues have bigger consequences for the next generation and this nation, which is why I will fight to make sure that every vote counts in Minnesota – once!

Defend Your Constitutional Rights

Whether it is free speech, freedom to practice your faith, the right to protect your family or the right to life itself, I will protect the rights of Minnesotans to live as free people and exercise their rights given by God and secured by the Constitution. There are some who believe the Constitution needs to be “updated.” I believe the Constitution needs to be defended and preserved. I will work hard to ensure that your Constitutionally protected freedoms are never traded for untested or unwise political policies.

Preserve Democracy in Minnesota

Governor Walz held Minnesota captive for 474 days by asserting his Emergency Powers. During that time, he issued over 100 Executive Orders - bypassing elected officials - to shut down businesses and schools. This is government at its worst and can never happen again. Kids have yet to fully recover from being locked out of schools and sadly many businesses weren’t able to recover at all. Our state was never meant to governed by one man, regardless of the political party, and now is the time to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I will support a change to the Minnesota Constitution to make sure Minnesota’s government is never hijacked again.

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