MN House District 58A

"I am running for office because I want to work with you and for you to strengthen the communities in HD 58A."  

Why I'm Running

I am running because I want to work to find solutions to the everyday problems facing Minnesotans. I love this state and I believe a prosperous future is in our reach, but we face unprecedented challenges.  It is time to stop playing politics and advancing political agendas that seek to divide rather than unite us. It is time to find our way to a common goal.

And our shared goal is to make Minnesota the best state in the nation to raise a family, enjoy nature, get an education, buy a house, run your nonprofit, start a business, or achieve any dream that fills your heart and mind. Minnesota is an exceptional place, and I can’t stand by and watch Minnesota’s exceptionalism threatened.

I am running for office because I know you are worried, and I feel your pain. I will use the skills I have learned through my career in finance and accounting to keep Minnesota strong.  And above all, I will support policies that lift and strengthen all Minnesotan families and promote the quality of life that makes Minnesota so special.

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Promote Economic Prosperity

Now, possibly more than ever, it is important that every policy coming from the MN Legislature supports families and small businesses and we can do this more

Make Minnesota Safe Again

Let's Make Minnesota Safe Again. Whether you live in rural Minnesota, a suburb, or in the heart of the Twin Cities, you should be able to rest easy that your family and belongings are more

Equip Kids for Future Success

All children deserve a safe and high-quality education that equips them for lifelong learning and success. That education should focus on providing core academic more

These are politically polarizing times, and we need solutions that transcend politics if we want more for our families and our communities. We might not always see eye to eye on every issue, but I hope we can agree on enough to be able to work together to promote peace and prosperity for all Minnesotans.
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Gary Bruggenthies

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